Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Sleeping Sign

It never fails, every time my son goes down for a nap someone comes to the door! As soon as they ring the door bell our dogs start barking like crazy and of course the noise wakes my son up and its near impossible to get him back to sleep, if he doesn't get his nap he is a grouch the rest of the day. Pretty fed up with this happening I got the idea to make a sign to hang on the outside of our door, I now put it up when it is time for my son to lay down. Here is what I did:
I looked up corner design clip art in Google Images and found this design to frame my message. I saved it to my desktop then copied it onto my Paint document rotating the design each time I copied it onto the document so it fit in each corner.

I then typed my message in the middle of the page and printed it out on a 4x6 piece of photo paper.

I used a thick plastic frame that I bought from Walmart for a little under $3.00, ribbon from Walmart for under $1.00 and a box cutter.

I cut small slits in the top of the plastic frame and slid the ends of the ribbon into the slits and knotted them. I then put the 4x6 photo I had printed out into the frame and my sign was finished.


  1. That's is a GREAT idea Im going to have to make one.

  2. Thank you! Its a relief knowing that my son wont be woken up during his nap....not by someone coming to the door anyways :)