Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Plateau Breaker Day 3

Another pound down! So in two days I have lost two pounds....lets shoot for two more! Here is what I ate today:

For breakfast I had a couple eggs scrambled and cooked in the microwave and a much needed large cup of coffee

We went to the zoo today so for lunch I had a yummy teriyaki chicken lettuce wrap bowl from one of their restaurants and a water

After walking around the zoo all day I was a little peckish when I got home so for a snack I had some cucumber slices with a bit of salt on them and a Xing Green Tea

For dinner I had a large salad with some buffalo chicken on it that was amazing and went on my "must make again" list right away. I topped the salad with some fat free Ranch dressing and washed it down with a glass of ice water

And for dessert I had a glass of Lipton's White Tea in Island Mango and Peach good!

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