Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorful Crayons For The Kiddos

I was hanging out at my neighbors house not to long ago and I noticed the cool crayons her son was coloring with, they were very multicolored and in the shape of a heart. I asked her where she got them from and she told me she had made them using her sons old crayons and a rubber ice cube tray. So of course I had to give it a try!
I used a box of my sons Crayola Crayons, most of which were already broken, and a rubber ice tray that I got from Goodwill but you can find them at most stores.

I cut the crayons into small pieces

I then filled the ice tray with the crayon pieces, making sure each star was pretty full

I put them in the oven which was preheated to 250 degrees. After 10 minutes I took them out and let them set in the tray until they were hard when I pushed on them. Then I flipped the tray over and pushed all the crayons out

My son loves to color with them, he likes how the colors change as he is drawing

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