Saturday, March 8, 2014

Twilight Themed Birthday Dinner

One of my mother-in-laws favorite book and movie series is Twilight, so for her birthday this year I put on a Twilight themed dinner for her and the rest of the family. 
-Twilight Themed Dinner-

Using two pieces of black poster board and some red Die-Cut Letters from The Dollar Tree I made a Vampire fang Happy Birthday sign.

I covered the table with a red table cloth then put a folded black table cloth down the middle of the table as a table runner. I set the table using black plates, black bowls and black napkins.

I made blood dripped candles by melting a red candle over 3 different sized white candles. I placed them on a silver platter then put a couple white and dark pink colored flowers (Eclipse Book Cover) that I found at The Dollar Tree on the tray as well.

I served a red wine, Riunite Lambrusco, so I put a wine glass at each adult table setting. I also made blood dripped glasses for the other beverages I was tea, water and soda.

I didn't start making dinner tell everyone got to our house so I put out a few munchies for everyone to eat while they were waiting: red white and black jelly beans, black and red licorice, Bugles (fangs) and Chex Mix served in a black dog bowl for the Werewolves...I thought it was funny!

 As a center piece on the counter where I had placed the snacks and the food for dinner I used a red cloth, more white and dark pink flowers and a black basket filled with red apples (Twilight Book Cover.)

For dinner I made Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, garlic bread and a salad. I decided to make Italian because in the first Twilight movie when Edward introduces his family to Bella you see his family making Bella an Italian dish and a salad.

Another little Twilight detail that I set up was red and black streamers twisted around our white banister. I also used my sons moon and our bare Christmas tree to give our living room the feeling of Forks. And just like I did with our camp in I put Spruce & Citrus melts in my potpourri crock to make the house smell like the woods.

Using red dog collars from The Dollar Tree and black puff paint I made our dogs Werewolf name tags: Jacob, Embry, Sam and Seth.
I also made my mother-in-laws dog a collar with Leah's name on it.

Our fierce, scary werewolves!

It was a lot of fun coming up with all these Twilight ideas and setting up all the decorations. Dinner was really good, the blood dripped glasses were a huge hit and most importantly my mother-in-law loved everything. Another successful themed dinner!

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