Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plateau Breaker Day 4 - Final Day

I weighed myself again this morning and I have lost another two pounds, just like I hoped to in my last blog post! So in three days I have lost four pounds, talk about a confidence booster! Today was my final day on this diet, I'm going back to my regular diet tomorrow, so I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and post exactly how much I have lost on this plateau breaker diet tomorrow afternoon. Here is what I ate today:
For breakfast I had two hard boiled eggs and as usual a cup of coffee

We were out and about running errands at lunch time so we grabbed something to bring home. I had McDonald's Premium Southwest Salad with grilled chicken and a Xing Green Tea

And for dinner I had honey dijon chicken, a mix of broccoli and peas and a huge bottle of water

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