Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beat The Heat Dog Treat

It has been 80+ degrees here almost every day which makes our 4 very fluffy dogs super hot, so I like to give them a nice cold doggy treat every once in awhile....

The ingredients I use....
One super ripe banana
16 ounce plain yogurt
1 1/2 teaspoons peanut butter
1 1/2 teaspoons honey

Mash the banana into a bowl

Add in the yogurt, honey and peanut butter

Mix everything together really well

Spoon the mix into an ice tray and let it freeze over night.

When you are ready to give your pup a cool treat just pop one out and let them chow down

Our dogs loved them! They were licking every last drop off of the ground! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Totally Tubular 80's Party

My hubby turned the big Four O last weekend and to celebrate I threw him an 80's party. People kept asking me "why the 80's" my response: "big hair, funky clothes and awesome music....why not?!" Plus my hubs was a teenager in the late 80's so I thought it would be fun taking him back to that time!

I tried to go all out on the decorations...
I made a Mr. and Mrs. Pacman Happy Birthday sign out of poster board, construction paper, blue Die-Cut letters and fishing line. 

I covered the table with a black table cloth then used a half unfolded neon green table cloth as a runner. I got the amazing boom box center piece from Party City (they have a whole 80's section) and I found the candy from random gas stations around Colorado. 

I went to Walmart for the Transformer and Ninja Turtle posters, the characters dont look like they did in the 80's but that is when both of the cartoons came out so it works.

 Over the counter that had all the snacks on it I hung these spinning disco ball decorations from the ceiling.

I borrowed a few awesomely 80's records from my neighbor and displayed them on two of the shelves I have hanging on the walls.

I had the Happy 40 Birthday sign hanging on the outside of our front door, also from Party City.

I twisted some neon green, orange and yellow streamers then hung them from the stair banister. I added a few of the same colored balloons on the banister posts which added a lot.

I found my husbands super old lava lamp in the garage and thought it would make the perfect addition to our living room. 

I bought this awesomely ugly 80's blanket at Goodwill for $1 and it really brought the whole room together.

In the bathroom I wrote Jenny 867-5309 on the mirror....Tommy Tutone is awesome!

I also filled the bathrooms shelf with stuff that you would probably find in a bathroom in the 80's: Aqua Net hair spray, colorful heart barrettes, scrunchies, a funky bottle of cologne and some red lip stick.

The weather was supposed to be nice the day of the party so we thought it would be best to have the party inside and out so we decorated the garage too. I hung the same neon green, yellow and orange streamers from the rafters and I made a little chandelier using 4 tie die balloons that I had found at The Dollar Tree. I also had a local radio station that played the best of the 70's and 80's playing on our garage radio. 

I put out some of my husbands favorite snacks for everyone to munch on....
 My son and I made some Fire Crackers which were a gigantic hit, I had to email the recipe to everyone the next day. 
We also had tortilla chips with cream cheese salsa dip, pretzels, cheese balls and some *gag* pork rinds.

We had these disco ball plates and these colorful zebra print napkins for everyone to use, again from Party City.

 Besides beer we had soda, Tang and 80's!
We had neon green cups and some crazy straws for people to drink these drinks with. 
Party Tip: 
Put out a Sharpie so your guests can write their names on their cup so they don't play the "is this my cup?" game all night.

I wanted to keep the adults and kinds entertained so....
For the kids I had bubbles to blow, outdoor tic tac toe using white chalk and rocks painted with blue X's and yellow O's and we had glow in the dark ring toss using glow sticks and bottles of water. 
(The kids decided to start playing before it got dark so it was semi glow in the dark ring toss)

And for the adults we had beer pong which kept them all entertained all night!

And of course everyone was suppose to dress the part....
I went for the leggings with the white scrunched down socks, the 80's Reebok high tops, an over sized AC/DC shirt and a side pony topped with a white scrunchie.
My son was 80's prep with some khaki shorts, a brown leather breaded belt, brown loafers and a popped collar.
My husband on the other hand was more 80's grunge wearing some of his old ripped jeans, high top Adidas, a Mustang shit and a horrible mullet wig...oh my!

We wanted everyone to vote for the person they thought was dressed the most 80's and who ever won got an awesome 80's prize, a 4 pack of Seagram's Wine Coolers and a Hits Of The 80's CD.

The party was amazing, it was so great having almost all our friends and almost all our family here celebrating my husbands birthday and it was so much fun dressing up and jamming out.
(The semis were my Father-In-Laws doing! Left: before my husband Right: after him)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Good Food On The Go

I don't know about you but I turn into Mrs. Munch Mouth when ever I go on long car rides so by the time we get where we are going I feel fat and bloated since most of the stuff I munched on wasn't the greatest. So on my drive down to New Mexico I was determined to 1) not munch as much as I normally do and 2) when I did munch it was on much healthier food. Before I left I contacted my health and fitness guru brother and asked him what food and snacks I should pack for a healthier ride, and this is what he told me....

In my snack box....
Mixed Nuts
Tomato and Sweet Basil Brown Rice Triscuits
Tomato Basil Lentil Snaps
Sesame Bars
Nutrition Bars

In My Cooler....
Mixed Fruits
Sliced Watermelon
Reduced Fat Mozzarella String Cheese
Turkey and Provolone Sandwich on a Multi Grain Sandwich Round
Shredded Chicken and Shredded Mozzarella Wrap using a Spinach Tortilla
Arizona Green Tea

I actually did really well on this trip and didn't munch much at all which made me very happy......go me!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thrifted Twin Threads (Audrina Patridge)

I have never watched any of her shows but I definitely know who Audrina Patridge is and I definitely love her style. I think that she is beautiful, edgy and effortless so of course I had to do a Thrifted Twin Threads Audrina Patridge style.

I love this look, its simple but the hat and wedges add so much.

If I would of bought each piece new I would of paid around $149 but since I bought everything thrifted I spent about $17.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Light Summer Look

When its winter I wear a full face of makeup and its always more on the darker side, but when its summer I wear a much lighter look. We seem to always be on the go as soon as the weather gets warm and most of the things we do are outdoors which means sun and sweat, so during the summer months my makeup is very simple, very easy, pretty light and almost totally sweat proof.

 These are the products I like to use...
Physicians Formula Super BB Cream in Light (SPF 30)

Sheer Cover Studio Mineral Concealer Duo in Light/Medium

Physicians Formula Mineral Face Powder in Creamy Natural (SPF 16)

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx (waterproof)

Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Medium Brown (smear proof wear all day)

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Black (waterproof)

Chap Stick Sun Defense (SPF 25)

Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal in Mirrored Mauve

And this is how I like to wear them...
I put a bit of the BB Cream on my finger then dot it all over my face. I then use my fingers to blend it in. I really like this cream because its light, fluffy and has SPF 30 which I desperately need in the summer time, I fry very quickly!

The next thing I do is apply the Mineral Concealer under my eyes to help cover up my dark circles. This concealer works really well and again its light.

Next is my Mineral Powder which I apply all over my face using a powder brush, this one is from Elf. This powder is amazing guessed it...light.

Now I apply my eyeliner to both my top and bottom waterlines. This eyeliner is one of the best I have ever used. Its waterproof and it seriously doesn't go anywhere, it stays on my eyes when my eyes water from the sun or my awesome even made it through my grandpas funeral. 

Time for my brows, I mainly do this because my eyebrows are very blonde. I just color them in a bit so it actually looks like I have some. Once I give them a touch of color I comb through them with the brush that is very conveniently located on the bottom of the pencil. 

I then curl my eyelashes a bit with my Elf eyelash curler then I apply a pretty good coat of my mascara. This is my favorite mascara, its one that I re buy when I run out. I like the waterproof because it is extremely waterproof and wont go anywhere through out the day. The only bad thing is, it is almost impossible to get off of my lashes at the end of the day. 

The last step is my lips. I first apply some of the Sun Defense Chap Stick because it has a 25 SPF to protect my lips. Then I top that with the Baby Lips which I am obsessed with! It makes my lips so smooth and it gives them just a touch of color.

And there you have it, my super simple and light summer makeup look.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be good at makeup like at all, in fact I think that I am pretty clueless when it comes to everything makeup related, but I wanted to share my simple summer look with you because it is time efficient, light and sun protecting.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cold Brewed Coffee

I am sure I have said this before in one of my previous blogs but I am obsessed with coffee! Its pretty much the first thing I think of in the morning, some times I drink it throughout the day and I get excited when I'm in bed just knowing that when I wake up my coffee will be hot and ready for me....obsessed. But I must admit sometimes hot coffee on a hot day just isn't that appealing so on those days I like to have a nice cup of cold brewed coffee!

Ingredients needed...
1/3 cup Ground Coffee
1 1/2 cups Cold Water
Large Jar
Coffee Filter

I pour the coffee into the jar...

...then I add the water into the jar over the coffee and stir the water and the coffee together really well.
I then tightly screw on the top of the jar and let it sit on my counter for about 8 hours.
(I let it sit over night so when I get up I can finish the process so its cold and ready when I'm in need an afternoon pick me up.)

 After the coffee has sat out for the 8 hours I put the strainer over a large glass bowl then place a coffee filter in the strainer.

I then pour the coffee, grounds and all, into the coffee filter...

 ...and let the coffee strain through into the bowl.

After all the coffee is strained I pour it back into the jar, which I cleaned out while I was waiting on the coffee to strain. I then place the jar in the fridge and that is where it stays until I feel like a nice cold cup of coffee.

This coffee is really delicious and is pretty strong which is exactly what I am needing when I hit the wall in the middle of the day.

Tip: I like to make coffee ice cubes through out the week using left over morning coffee so when I have a cup of cold coffee I can pour it over the coffee ice cubes. This way when the cubes melt it just adds more coffee to my cup unlike regular ice cubes which end up watering it down.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Favorites

July was a fun busy month! Is it just me or does it seem like everyone was born in July? I had a bunch of friends, a few cousin, my brother and my husband all turn a year older last month! Anyways, here are some of my favorite things from July...

Random: One of my very favorite things from July was the 80's Themed Party that I threw for my husbands birthday! It was totally tubular!

TV/Movie: A bunch of shows on TNT Drama have caught my interest and its the channel we have been watching the most lately....The Last Ship, Cold Justice, Murder In The First and soon Legends. 

Style/Beauty: I bought my son some Firefly Light Up Timer Toothbrushes from our local grocery store and him and I both love them. I like them because when you push the bottom of them a little light starts to blink and it blinks for 1 minute which means that it is time to move to the top or bottom row of his teeth, this makes it really easy for him to know how long he should be brushing all of his teeth. Of course my son likes it because its a blinking light that makes the bathroom look really cool when its dark...whatever works! 

Food: We have been meeting up with my father-in-law most Saturdays for breakfast at Daylight Donuts, its our newest tradition that the whole family is loving. The food is good, I normally get the two eggs scrambled with wheat toast and some potatoes, the coffee is hot and the price is affordable. Love it!

Music: I absolutely love this song Stay With Me and I absolutely love Sam Smith's voice...amazing.

The other song Ive been loving is Tyler Farr's Whiskey In My Water, we get to see him in September along with Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean....cant wait!

July Disappointment: July was a month that my hubs saw some pretty Awful Wrecks. He has seen a lot being a truck driver for so long but this last month was especially bad, he actually saw someone that was deceased laying in the road after rolling his car. Now that its summer and the weather is hot, there are a lot more people and animals on the roads so please be careful out there!