Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Favorite Chicken Salad

When my husband and I first stated dating he told me that I needed to learn how to make one of his favorite dishes, chicken salad. His mom would make this for his family all the time when he was younger. So when we were over at his families house one day I asked her how she did it and was surprised at how easy it was and how little you needed to make it. Now I try and make it for my family at least once a month because its now one of our favorites. Here is what you will need:

Two cans of dark red kidney beans, celery, Miracle Whip (I used an off brand), two rotisserie chickens, salt, pepper and garlic powder. I know that there are people out there like me that really don't like Miracle Whip but in this salad its delicious so don't be put off by it!

Pull all the meat off the chickens then shred it with your hands, chop up the celery and drain the kidney beans

Throw everything into a large bowl, add about 12oz of Miracle Whip (you can add more if the salad is to dry for your taste). Also add the salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. Mix it up really well and your done. This makes a lot of salad so refrigerate any left overs. 

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