Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Satisfying Summer Snack

My son loves popsicles, especially on a hot day, but he can never finish the whole thing before it melts and they aren't really the healthiest so I made him some frozen yogurt bites, or yobites as I like to call them. They are really cheap, cheaper then a box of popsicles, and really easy to make....they are also really good! Give it a try!
All you need is a container of yogurt (I used Yoplait's strawberry banana but you can use whatever flavor you want), a spoon and a baking sheet

Put a bit of yogurt on the spoon then drop the yogurt onto the baking sheet, you can make the bites as big or as small as you want

After all the yogurt is dotted on the baking sheet put it into the freezer for an hour and presto chango you have yourself some yobites! Yum Yum!


  1. I love the way you can very the size and use any of the many flavored yoplait yogurts

  2. My favorite flavor is harvest peach, good size peaches and a rich flavor