Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jason's Weight Loss Journey (March Update)

The end of February and beginning of March was pretty good for my hubby. He did a good job on his diet and his ability to exercise got a little bit better. He is still dealing with the repercussions from his work truck being hit, his head aches are a lot better but he is still really dizzy and is still having some neck pain, so if he does feel able to exercise he will but its only for a little bit...he is trying. In my last update Jason still weighed 224 pounds so to get his metabolism going and his weight loss started we did my 4 Day Plateau Breaker Diet. When we started the diet he weighed 224 pounds and by the end of the diet he weighed 221 pounds, he lost 3 pounds which is a great start!

For this update I wanted to share what Jason ate on his 4 Day Diet.

 Day One:
Breakfast - a few eggs scrambled and a couple slices of an orange. 
(I wanted him to eat grapefruit on this diet but he wasn't able to due to one of his medicines.)
Lunch - a small salad which consisted of lettuce, celery, green onion, cucumber and Lite Caesar dressing. He also had a whole orange.
Dinner - a turkey burger topped with a couple slices of avocado and green peas on the side.

Day Two:
Breakfast - a few scrambled eggs with chopped turkey bacon and green onions mixed in. He also had a couple slices of an orange once again. 
Lunch - a large salad with lettuce, celery, a hard boiled egg, a small can of chicken and some Lite Caesar dressing.
Dinner - two slices of Tilapia and some asparagus on the side.

Day Three:
Breakfast - we were on the go so he had two hard boiled eggs and an orange.
Lunch - two small cans of shredded chicken mixed with regular yellow mustard and two stalks of sliced celery.
Dinner - we went out to dinner with his parents and he ordered the Caesar salad with no croutons.

Day Four:
Breakfast - a few scrambled eggs with chopped turkey lunch meat mixed in and of course a couple slices of an orange. 
Lunch - homemade shredded chicken drizzled with some buffalo sauce and wrapped in some roman lettuce.
Dinner - two turkey burgers and a broccoli snap pea mix as a side.

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