Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Healthy Hands

My hands are always a bit dry due to all the hand washing I do every day, but during the cold months they are especially bad. Thanks to the cold, dry conditions and the lack of moisture in the air I have to take extra care of my hands during these months so twice a week I really pamper my hands.

Step One 
I make a hand scrub out of sugar, some hand care dish soap and a small container.
This is a copy cat of Satin Hands by Mary Kay.

I fill my container half way full of sugar...

...then I add the dish soap and shake the container well. I then add more sugar to the mixture until I get a peanut butter consistency.

Step Two
I make my own heavy duty lotion using baby lotion, vitamin E cream, coco butter jelly and an empty travel liquid container.

 I squeeze the baby lotion into the bottom of the container...

...then I squeeze in the vitamin E cream...

...then I finish it up with the coco butter jelly. I then shake and stir the container until everything is mixed together really well.

Step Three
I cut the finger tips off of some plastic gloves and now I am ready to pamper my hands!

Step One
Right before bed, I use the scrub to get off all the dry skin and make my hands softer.

Step Two
Then before I go to bed I pour a generous amount of lotion into my hand and rub it in moisturizing both my hands.

Step Three
Last I put on the fingerless plastic gloves and I go to sleep. When I wake up my hands feel super soft and moisturized which of course I love.

As you can see taking these steps helps my hands out a lot!

(The days that I don't do these pamper steps, I moisturize my hands with Nivea Creme when needed)

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