Saturday, March 22, 2014

Go Diego Go Party

Every year I put together a themed party for my sons birthday, this year he picked Go Diego Go!

Just like his past parties my son dressed accordingly. I searched our thrift stores high and low for clothes to make a Diego outfit and this is what I came up with, he absolutely loved being Diego!

Just like my Mother-In-Law's Twilight Dinner Party, I made my son a Happy Birthday sign using two pieces of orange poster board and some blue Die-Cut Letters. 

I rolled up and scrunched a couple Jot Mailing Paper rolls from The Dollar Tree to make some long vines and my husband and I cut out a bunch of jungle leaves from a few different colored green poster boards. I taped the leaves onto the vines and tada....jungle vines!
I used my sons stuffed animals as decorates around the house. I hung a stuffed monkey from the vine over our table and used two stuffed hippos as the center piece on the table. 
I had covered the table with an orange table cloth and used a blue table cloth that was folded in half as a table runner, Diego colors. 
We had a few extra jungle leaves so I used them around the house to make everything a bit more colorful and jungle like.

 I also made a jungle vine to wrap around our staircase banister.

I set a few more stuffed animals on our coffee table and threw a giraffe print blanket over the side of the couch.
Every year I make a themed birthday sign for our front door.
(After the party is over I hang the sign from my sons bedroom door...its kind of our tradition now.)
A themed party of mine just wouldn't be the same without a scent to match the theme. I put some Rain Forest scented wax melts into my Potpourri Crock which made our whole house smell wonderful.

Of course I stuck with the jungle, animal theme for the snacks as well with...
Zebra Cakes
Pretzel Sticks
(Monkey Tails)
Chocolate Animal Cookies
Cheese Puffs
(Tiger Tails)
Gummy Worms
Banana Chips
Ants On A Log
Chips And Dip
(I know this has nothing to do with the jungle or animals but its my families favorite party snack)
Everyone ate off of these cute plates!

Of course no Go Diego Go party would be complete without a Rescue Center! 
I threw an old tan sheet over my sons Toy Story Pop Up Tent then taped the Rescue Center sign that I had drawn and colored over the Rescue Center door. The kids at the party loved this little fort and it kept them all entertained and busy pretty much the whole party.

I do have to say that my sons Go Diego Go party was a hit, it was his favorite themed birthday party so far. In the words of my Mother-In-Law "welp Lindsey, you did it again!"

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