Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Years Camp In

For new years I set up a little camp in for my son and my nephew. We had a fake fire, the moon and the stars, s'mores and a lot more! It was a really fun night, the perfect way to ring in 2014!

 We pitched our massive tent in our living room and I draped it with lights so it looked like stars when we were laying inside.

I took off the decorations on our Christmas tree and placed it against the wall to give the room an outdoors feel. I also made a fake fire and hung my sons light up moon on the wall.

I also put some Spruce & Citrus wax melt cubes into my Potpourri Crock to make the house smell like the woods.

I used a few sticks and rocks, some red and yellow tissue paper and a small sting of battery powered Christmas lights to make the fake fire. I love the glow it had!

I made some fun "wooden signs" out of card board which I put up around the living room.
"The Great Indoors Campground" - the sign for our campground of course.
"Cuisine Canyon" - hung over the counter top which was covered in food.
"Out House" - I don't think I need to explain this one!
"Hot Springs" - this directed the kids to our hot tub.

For dinner I made hot dogs, twice baked potatoes and baked beans. 

And for dessert we had some s'mores and a glass of hot coco with marshmallows which I served in mason jars. 
The kiddos started to get tired around 8:00pm so we popped open the sparkling cider early so they could toast with us! 

The hubby and I stayed up to toast to the new year! 

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