Thursday, March 20, 2014

Denver Firefighters Museum (C.I.C)

During the cold months in Colorado we are always looking for new fun things to do indoors. Right now my son is loving police cars, ambulances and fire trucks so we thought that he would have a fun time exploring the Denver Firefighters Museum.

There were so many fun things for my son to do at the museum. We just looked for the Fire Safety Stop Sign, this meant that there was an activity that my son could do. He dressed up like a real fire fighter and played in a fire engine. He also colored and put together a few puzzles.

The original fire pole is still in the museum and my son was able to slide down half of it. He was decked out in his fireman's outfit sliding down the pole just like a real fire fighter, too cute!

Of course us adults wanted to have a bit of fun as well.

All the older objects were a lot of fun to see, its crazy to see how much time changes the things around us.
There were a lot of different engines to look at...
 ...the old lockers that the firemen used to use...
...and the men's old fashion head, neat right?! Since the men's restroom is still in use I wasn't able to go in and see it for myself but my hubby was nice enough to snap this picture for me, don't worry the bathroom was empty!

The most touching part of the museum was this piece of the World Trade Center and the painting that hung above it. There is also a list of the Fallen Firefighters from Denver. 
"Some people run from problems, others run to them." 
Thank you Firefighters for doing all that you do.

All in all the Denver Firefighters Museum was a lot of fun and was very neat to explore. We will definitely be going back and I definitely recommend you visit as well. 

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