Friday, October 26, 2012

Skull Shirt

Since Halloween in 5 days away I wanted to make a skull shirt that I saw a picture of on Pinterest to wear out.

I used a shirt I bought from Goodwill, scissors and a thin black Sharpie.

I folded the shirt in half then drew my skulls eye, half his nose and some teeth.

I then pinched the fabric in the middle of the eye and his nose and cut a small hole so I could get my scissors in to cut out the eye and the nose.

For the teeth I just pinched the fabric then cut off the pinched part, this made small circle shapes.

I then folded the shirt in half again but just the front of the shirt. I then traced my cut out eye and nose onto the inside of the shirt. I turned the shirt inside out and cut out the areas I had marked. I did the same pinch and cut process for the teeth that I did on the other side.

My happy skull.

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