Monday, October 8, 2012

Simple Shirt Head Band

I hate all the little baby hairs that are always getting stuck to my face when I am working out. Or when I am taking a walk or riding my bike and they blow around slapping me in the face. I have used head bands before but I have found that they are either to tight and give me a head ache or to loose and I end up adjusting them non stop. So when I saw this D.I.Y. head band on Pinterest I thought it was worth a try and I am so glad I did because it works great! It was so easy to make and it fits my head perfectly since it was made for it.

I used two different colored shirts, a tight hair tie and some scissors.

I cut out three long strips from the shirts, one from one shirt and two from the other. I think it would look cool if I had three different colors but I didn't have that many shirts that I could cut up.

I knotted the strips tightly to the hair tie.

I then braided them together measuring my head as I went. I stopped braiding when the end of the braid was about an inch behind my ear, I was holding the hair tie at the nap of my neck

I then tightly tied the other end around the hair tie and cut off the extra.

Love it <3

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