Thursday, October 18, 2012

Costumes From My Closet

Last year my husband came home from work and told me "we were invited to a Halloween party so we need to get some costumes, oh and the party is in 2 days!" Thanks Hun! Since almost all the costumes being sold in the stores are pretty expensive and half of them don't fit me, note to costume makers not everyone is a size 2, I started looking through the clothes in our closets and came up with some pretty cool ideas!
 Here are 10 costume ideas using only items that I already own:
Alice In Wonderland


Black Cat

50's Pedal Pusher Look

Biker Chick

Wednesday Addams

Exhausted Mom

                                  50's House Wife (my costume this year!)                                  
Hippie- Ware the head band over your hair around the top of your head so it sits in the middle of your forehead. You can Google Hippie Headbands and look at the Images to see what I am talking about.

 Alice In Wonderland- I made the head band by gluing a black bow onto a black head band. I think this look would be super cute with a thick white belt tied around your waste over the long blue shirt.

Biker Chick- I wore a v-neck white tank under the leather jacket but a skull or Harley-Davidson shirt would look awesome. Ware the dew rag on your head by tying the two like ends together under your hair at the nape of your neck. The large point should be over your hair and pointing down near the crown of your head. You can Google Dew Rag and look at the Images to see what I am talking about.  

Wednesday Addams- I wore my husband's white collared shirt under the black sweater then rolled the sleeves. Don't forget your braided pigtails and dark lipstick!

Black Cat- I cut out cat shaped ears from cardboard and left a lip. I colored them black then taped a piece of pink paper on them for the inner ear. I bent back the lip and used this to bobby pin them to my head.

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