Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Traveling With A Toddler

My family and I just got back from vacation where we flew to my home town and back. Flying with a toddler isn't always the easiest and if you are anything like me you are stressed to the max right before you board the plane because you don't want to be those people with the crying, screaming kid. But my son and I have flown so many times in the past 2 years that I have learned how to keep him calm, quiet and happy on a two plus hour flight. Since the holidays are fast approaching and travel seems inevitable I thought I would share what I pack in my sons carry on backpack:
1. Head phones that go over my sons ears so he could listen to his shows without disturbing the other passengers.

2. My iPad which I downloaded a bunch of his favorite Disney Junior shows on. I made sure that they were new episodes that he hadn't seen yet so they would keep his attention. I bought them from iTunes where I also rented Madagascar 3 for him to watch. If you don't have an iPad I would recommended a portable DVD player, I bought a brand new one from a Pawn Shop a year and a half ago for $30 and it went everywhere with us. I have also seen them for sale at 2nd hand stores.

3. A new toy that I kept hidden until we were on the plane. I bought him a Hot Wheels Race And Play Car for the iPad. 

4. As you can probably tell my son is obsessed with cars right now so I packed some of his favorites for him to play with.

5. I packed one of his cups for him to drink out of during take off and landing to help prevent ear pain from the change in altitude. I also packed a Mio so I could give the water I bought after we went through security a little flavor so he would actually drink it.

6. I brought his favorite blanket to make him feel more secure and of course keep him warm.

7. I also brought his favorite stuffed animal which could double as a pillow if he fell asleep.

8. I made sure to pack some of his favorite snacks

9. I packed a small coloring book with some of his favorite characters in it and some crayons in a zip lock bag, I only brought a few colors that way I wouldn't be searching the floor for a whole box of crayons after we landed.

10. I packed a few new books that I bought from The Dollar Tree, again I hid them until we were on the plane. 

11. This is the outfit that I dressed my son in for the plane ride, I tried to make him as comfortable as possible. I also packed an extra pair of comfortable clothes in his backpack just in case.

12. My son wears Pull Up Training Pants but I put him in a night time diaper for the plane ride since they are extra absorbent and he isn't fully potty trained. And of course I packed extra night diapers in his backpack.

I hope this helps if you are planning on traveling with a toddler, whether it be on an airplane or on a road trip.  
Good Luck!

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