Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Favorites

May was a fun month full of zoo visits, park visits and a mini road trip with my best friend and our boys who are also besties! Some of my favorite things from May were...

 Random: I have become addicted to the Bingo Bash App that I downloaded on my iPad, I find myself playing it every chance I get!

TV/Movie: The new show Penny Dreadful premiered May 11th on Showtime and it sucked me in right away. Its creepy, freaky, dark and it!

Style/Beauty: I made a Makeup Remover using coconut oil, baby shampoo and water and I am obsessed with it! I will never buy makeup remover from the store ever again, that is how good this stuff is! Check it out here.

Food: While my friend and I were on our mini road trip we had dinner at Nick-n-Willy's Pizza and Oh My Gosh it was so good...mmmmm!

Music: Also while on our road trip my friend played Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You and I fell in love with it! We listened to it over and over again in the car.

As soon as I heard Blake Shelton - My Eyes on The Voice I was hooked and lucky for me our country music station plays it all the time.

May Disappointment: The Weather has been seriously bipolar! It snowed on Mother's Day, then it was hot and sunny, then it rained for a couple days then it was back to being hot and sunny and then the big storms came in. Warm + Storm = Tornadoes...we had about 10 touch down in Colorado on the 23rd, one of which was not to far from our house, and with the tornadoes came massive hail storms. Right now its back to being hot and sunny but thunderstorms are in our near tonight.

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