Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Favorites

April was a heart breaking month. On April second my family and I took an unexpected flight to Oregon to say goodbye to my Grandpa who passed away later that night. I spent almost all of April in Oregon with my family which was bitter sweet. Even though April was a hard month to get through I still had a few new favorites.

Random: At the beginning of April I had to buy a new phone since my old one decided to stop working. I went for the new Droid Ultra and I love it! I would recommend this phone to anyone, that's for sure.

TV/Movie: My husband started watching Chicago P.D. while I was out of town back in January so when I got back I kinda sorta started watching it with him off and on but towards the end of March I became fully hooked on the show. Since I had missed so many episodes I had a Chicago P.D. marathon with my bestie while I was in Oregon to catch up on everything.

Style/Beauty: I did a bit of thrift shopping with my mom and some friends while I was in Oregon and I found myself buying a pair of Flats from almost every store we went to. I am so obsessed with them right now. They have been perfect for this Spring.

Food: Also while I was in Oregon my brother introduced me to Silk Pure Almond Milk which was so tasty! It was one of the first things that I grabbed from the grocery store after I got back to Colorado...yum!

Music: In April I finally bought Paramore's new album and I cant get enough of the song Hate To See Your Heartbreak.

Another song that I have been listening to a lot is Roy Orbison - In Dreams. I am a huge oldies fan so when my dad played me this song after my Grandpa had passed I fell in love with it. It was one of the songs we played at my Grandpa's funeral.

April Disappointment: As you can probably guess the worst thing that happened to me last month was one of the worst things that has ever happened in my life time and that was the Passing Of My Grandpa. My grandpa was and always will be my hero! He did so many amazing things in his life time...he served in the United States Air Force, he was an extra in East Of Eden and had lunch with James Dean, he worked on the set of The Russians Are Coming, he owned a Shell gas station for 27 years and worked there as a mechanic for longer then that, my grandpa and grandma traveled to every continent but one and visited 18 different states, my grandparents were married for 58 loving, adventures I said amazing. I am going to miss my grandpa every single day for the rest of my life and I will do my very best to live my life like he lived his! 
I love you grandpa

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