Saturday, May 10, 2014

Handfelt Mother's Day DIY

I wanted to make my mom, grandma and mother-in-law personalized Mother's Day gifts this year and I wanted our son to have a hand in making them each a gift....literally. So I came up with three different ideas using my sons hands and feet to decorate each gift. 

 My Supplies:
An Apron
An Oven Mit
(The Dollar Tree)
A Folded Piece Of Construction Paper
Red Crayola Paint
White Puff Paint
Red Fabric Paint
Black Puff Paint
Small Paint Brush
Medium Foam Sponge Brush
Green Marker
Black Marker

First I painted my sons right hand with the white puff paint using the foam sponge brush, then I had him press his hand onto the red oven mitt. I then used the small paint brush and more of the white puff paint to write the words and the year. 

Next using the red fabric paint and the foam sponge brush I painted the bottom of one of my sons feet then had him stand on the apron with his foot at a slight diagonal angle. We did the same thing using the other foot but we made sure the heal of this foot covered the heal of his last foot print which made a heart shape. I then used the small paint brush and black puff paint to write the words and the year.

Last I painted both of my sons hands using the foam sponge brush once again and the red Crayola paint. I then had him press both his hands on the unfolded construction paper making two red hand prints. I then drew stems using the green marker and wrote the words using the black marker. I let the paint dry then folded the construction paper in half once again. 

My son had a blast making all of these Mother's Day gifts and he is so excited to give them to his grandma, his grandma MiMi and his great grandma. And I know that they are all going to love getting their personalized Mother's Day gifts from him...I mean how could you not!

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