Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ready To Get Re-Motivated....Again

Life became a crazy whirlwind of hospitals, doctors appointments, days spent driving and every day stresses made more stressful since my husband's semi truck was hit head on by another truck back in October 2013...for anyone counting that was 7 months ago. Before all this started I was on a huge health kick working out as much as I could, eating nothing but healthy foods, weighed the least I had weighed since my junior year of high school and I was only about 10 pounds from my total weight loss goal but everything came to a screeching halt when my husband got home from the hospital. I was now spending my days caring for my husband, my son, trying to keep up our house and take care of our 4 dogs. We were constantly in my car driving all around Colorado going from one doctors appointment to another trying to find out and fix what was going on inside of my husbands body, this was an all day almost every day thing. Most of our meals became fast and easy which was not the healthiest thing for us. Needless to say I pretty much put my health and my fitness on the back burner so I could help out my husband as much as I possibly could and be there for all his health needs. Unfortunately I've gained back about 15 pounds and have lost almost all my stamina which makes me so very sad. But now that things have slowed down and are almost back to normal I am so ready to get back at it! Here is how I am getting myself re-motivated this time around.

 The first thing I did was come up with a friendly challenge between myself and one of my best friends who is also looking to get re-motivated. 
We have 3 weeks to lose 5+ pounds, obviously who ever loses the most wins and the loser has to put $20 into the winners Starbucks account.
 I have to win! 

I have sworn off eating out
Like I said we were never home because of all my husbands appointments so almost all our meals were either from a drive through or at a restaurant which is just bad.

I downloaded a new food/fitness tracker app.
I used to use My Fitness Pal but I wanted something new so I downloaded an app called Lose It! and I really like it, I find it a lot easier to use then My Fitness Pal.

I wrote up a healthy dinner menu for the first week and will keep doing this for a very long time.
It is so much easier for me to stay on track when I have already planned and am fully prepared to make a healthy dinner instead of rummaging through our fridge and pantry trying to figure out a meal to make which can get frustrating.

 Since I've lost most of my stamina from not keeping up my fitness routine I thought it would be a great idea to start out slow and work back into my regular workouts so I've started with One Song Workouts.
I downloaded the songs from iTunes and I do one workout each day to help try to regain my stamina that I miss oh so much!

My husband and I went to The Vitamin Shoppe one day to get him some protein powder and I ended up buying a bottle of Ab Cuts and a bottle of Hoodia for myself.
I have wanted to give Ab Cuts a try since I saw that Kendra Wilkinson used them to help her lose the baby tummy that she had after having her first child, I'll let you know if they actually work. I bought the Hooida because I wanted a good appetite suppressant since I have become such a muncher between lunch and dinner. I've used  Hoodia before, when I worked at GNC, so I know that it works for me.

 I took a look at a couple pictures of me at my heaviest and my lightest
This really helps to motivate me because seeing myself at 208 pounds (left) and at 155 pounds (right) shows me where I was and where I made it to, its also shows me that I did this once before so I can do it again. 

And last but not least...
One of my favorite things to do is read motivational quotes.
Reading them out load to myself gets me totally pumped and ready to get back at it!

What are some things you do to re-motivate yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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