Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Waffle Taco

 I have been hearing about and seeing the commercials for Taco Bell's new breakfast menu non stop so of course I had to check it out. The only thing on the menu that really appealed to me was the waffle taco but as soon as I saw the picture my brain went "I can totally make that!" so I did...

For Four Waffle Tacos I Used:
4 Multigrain Frozen Waffles
4 Frozen Turkey Sausage Patties
4 Eggs 
Reduced Fat Mexican Blend Cheese

The first thing I did was cook the turkey sausages.

 Then I scrambled the eggs and sprinkled the cheese on top of them and mixed it in to make it all nice and melty.

As for the frozen waffles I put them in the toaster for a little bit to defrost them. But after I toasted them I put them in the microwave with a tiny bit of water in a plastic bowl then covered them and cooked them for 30 seconds in order to make them soft enough to fold in half like a taco.

Now it was time to assemble the waffle taco so I cut each piece of the turkey sausage in half, folded up the waffle like a taco shell, placed a piece of the turkey sausage on either side of the waffle then filled the middle with the egg and cheese mixture and....
 ....this is what I got, a healthier homemade version of Taco Bell's Waffle Taco complete with a side of fat free maple syrup.

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