Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sorry No Candy Glowing Sign

Giving out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters on Halloween is so hard in our house! Every time someone knocks on the door or rings the door bell ALL our dogs go crazy, barking and jumping around. If my husband or I do manage to crack the front door open a bit one of the dogs always slips through and they either run away or they jump all over everyone that is standing at the door. We have tried just leaving them outside but they bark at all the voices they hear walking around the neighborhood. Plus they can still hear the door bell and see the door open so they start barking and scathing at the door, we have too many crazy untrained dogs...I know! SO to make things easier on us we just don't give out candy, sad but true! Even though we don't turn on our porch light we still get kiddos knocking and ringing the bell so this year I decided to make a sign!

A lantern (I bought mine from Target and it was on sale for $5.00)
A touch light
Letter stencles
A pen
A sharp tipped knife (I wanted to use my box cutter but couldn't find it)
"Creepy Cloth" (The Dollar Tree) or a black Halloweenish bow
A bag of creatures (The Dollar Tree)
And one black poster board

The first thing I did was measure the inside of the lantern door horizontally and vertically so I knew what size I needed to cut the poster board to block out the windows.

I used the first piece I cut as a guide to cut the other three.

  I wanted the letters on the front of the lantern to be super bright so everyone can read it in the dark so I used some extra pieces of the poster board to black out the opening on the top of the lantern as well.

I then measured the frame to see where I needed to start and end the letters.

I then stenciled "SORRY NO CANDY" on the poster board piece that was going on the front of the lantern.

I cut out the letters using the tip of the knife.

I then cut a piece of wax paper the same size as the sign. Using double sided sticky tape I taped it to the back of the sign. 

I put the black poster board pieces over the windows on the inside of the lantern. I put the touch light in the lantern then wrapped the "Creepy Cloth" around the lanterns handle and stuck some of the plastic spiders in the cloth. Done and done!

If you do give out candy make an Out Of Candy glowing sign. So once all your candy is gone you can place it outside of your door to let all the tricker-treaters know.

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