Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Gift For My Grandmama

Today I would like to tell you a little bit about someone that means a lot to Grandmama. 

My Grandmama was born and raised in Bois Colombe France which is now a part of Paris. Her and her family survived World War II and the stories she told us of her childhood were pretty amazing and totally surreal....there were sawdust cookies, clothes made from curtains, Nazi's taking over every house but theirs, a Nazi General taking my Grandmama to Germany to be his children's nanny and a dangerous escape back into France. My Grandmama and my Grandfather met after the war while my Grandfather was in France for work. They were married then moved to the United States were they settled down in California and raised 3 children. My Grandmama was an amazing person who lived through so much and spent her free time volunteering, cooking, doing crossword puzzles and sewing. Today my Grandmama would of turned 92 years old, sadly she passed away four years ago. In memory of her and to celebrate her life I made my family some French Crepes and my husband and I had a glass of champagne (one of her favorites) in her honor. 

(crepe recipe)
I think of my Grandmama every day and today, her birthday, I wanted to do something special to remember her. 

  Nous vous aimons et manques tellement. Joyeux anniversaire!

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