Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Addition Curious In Colorado

Whats one of the first things I do in October? Plan our trip to the pumpkin patch! Its one of my families favorite things to do! Our son gets to run around and play outside in the fresh fall air and he gets to pick out a pumpkin for each of us....its always a great time! Our favorite pumpkin patch to go to is the Crazed Corn Field Maze which is located off of 104th Avenue and Riverdale Road.

This pumpkin patch has a bunch of different activities, there is something for everyone. This is why it is our favorite!

For the older kids and the adults there is a 20 acre corn maze which turns into The Haunted Field Of Screams and a Haunted Paint Ball Ride at night. But during the day is just a fun ol' corn maze! When you buy a ticket for the maze they give you a punch card so when you find a check point in the maze you punch your card and if you get all the punches and make it out of the maze you get a free mini pumpkin! 

 Not to be left out there is a Mini Maze for the little ones. This also comes with punch cards and check points....its like the big maze but mini!

Like I said there are a bunch of different activities! Besides the corn mazes there is a corn box to play in, a play set to play on, family hay rides, a petting zoo, pony rides, sand art and a jumpy castle and air slide! 

There are also a lot of goofy photo opportunities around the pumpkin patch!

And of course there are pumpkins!

I highly suggest going to the Crazed Corn Field Maze Pumpkin Patch, we always have such a great time! 

Crazed Corn Field Maze Colorado Pumpkin Patch

If pumpkin patches and corn mazes just arent scary enough for you I definitely recommend the 13th Floor Haunted House which is located on Brighton Blvd in Denver, it is Denver's most horrifying Halloween haunted house experience. I of course haven't personally gone because I am way to much of a winnie face, but after hearing my friends experiences and talking to my friend that works there, he is one of the painted up creepers that jumps out at you, it is awesomely terrifying and a must if you like that type of thing. 

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