Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Favorites

June was HOT!!! And busy and fun! My dad came out to visit us for a bit which was awesome as usual. Now I am preparing for a visit from my excited! Here are some of my favorite things from June:

Random: Since the weather has been so nice all we have wanted to do was be Outside...hiking, picnicking, camping, playing in the backyard, going to the park...

Movie/TV Show: I have been really into Fantasy Movies lately, being transported to a world where there are Witches and Wizards and Gods and Royalty is so amazing to me! Its always fun to check out of reality for a bit!

Style: I have been loving my All Saints Bag! Its big so it holds all my stuff and has room to grow, it has sturdy leather straps and I scored it for only $24 from a second hand store...its a $400+ bag! Whats not to love?!

Food: Since its been so hot and sunny all I've wanted to eat are cold things like Fruit!

Music: I heard this song, Gloriana - Can't Shake You, for the first time on Hart Of Dixie and was immediately hooked! I listen to it every day!

I have also been obsessed with Imagine Dragons - Radioactive 

 My June Disappointment: My Allergies have been kicking my butt this year!

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