Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dollar Tree Deals

I love The Dollar Tree! Its the store I go to if I feel like doing a bit of shopping but don't want to spend to much. Plus if my son says "mommy can I have this please?" I don't have to say "it's to much money dude...sorry!" They always have some amazing deals, but not everything they sell is worth spending a dollar on. I have pretty much bought and tried everything The Dollar Tree sells so I thought I would make a Worth It.....Not Worth It list to help those that aren't as familiar with The Dollar Tree as I am.

 The cards at The Dollar Tree are a steal...totally Worth It! You can get 2 for $1, the cheapest I have found at any other store was 1 for .99 cents. 

 Their party supplies are also Worth It! Every time I throw a party or a themed dinner I get most of my supplies here. 

 The crayons are Not Worth It! They are so waxy that the color doesn't transfer onto paper very well at all.

The shredded Sargento cheese is Worth It! Its a dollar for 3 oz of cheese and at my local grocery store its almost $4.00 for 8 oz.

The hot dogs are Are and Are Not Worth It! Its a little over $1.00 for name brand hotdogs at my local grocery store making The Dollar Tree hot dogs worth it but I can also buy the grocery store's brand of hot dogs for .88 cents making The Dollar Tree hot dogs not worth it.

 The batteries are totally Worth It! A pack of batteries at any other store is outrageously priced!!! Here you can get an 8 pack of AA batteries for $1 which you cant beat anywhere else. I have both The Dollar Tree batteries and pricy batteries powering stuff all over the house and I haven't noticed that much of a difference.

The Tater Rounds are Not Worth It! They don't taste like tots and they left a gross film in our mouths.

The make-up remover is Worth It! They get the job done and you get a pack of 40 for a dollar.

The Sally Hansen nail polish is Worth It! This nail polish is almost $4.00 in stores.

The cotton swabs are Not Worth It! There is barely any cotton on them and they bend as soon as you touch them against something.

The hand soap is Worth It! You get 15 oz for a dollar and at other stores the cheapest you can get hand soap is .99 cents but this is only for 7.5 oz. Make sure you grab the 15 oz bottle though because The Dollar Tree does sell the 7.5 oz bottles of hand soap and that would not be worth it.

 The lotions are Not Worth It! Every bottle I have perched from The Dollar Tree was more like water then lotion.

This dog waste bag holder is Worth It! I bought almost the same one from Pet Smart for a little over $3.00....dang it!

The Rip It and Monster energy drinks are Worth It! My husband loves these and has me pick up a couple whenever I go to The Dollar Tree because anywhere else you will pay $2.00+ for an energy drink.

The toys are pretty much Worth It but you get what you pay for! My son loves all the toys they sell and when he ends up breaking the toys, he tries to destroy most boy, I don't get that upset because it was only a dollar.

A Quick Tip:
Ladies, always take a look at The Dollar Trees stalk of make up because every once in awhile they will have great name brand make up such as Almay which is Totally Worth It!

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