Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Full Bar Review

I always get hungry between lunch and dinner and my afternoon snack never fills me up so I end up munching a lot more then I should which is very irritating. So when I saw these Slimful bars at my local grocery store I thought I would give them a try. If they worked then there would be no more munching for me and I would probably see more weight lost. I was excited! So for this Weight Loss Wednesday I wanted to talk about the Slimful bar.

Unfortunately they didn't work for me. I ate the Slimful bar and drank the 8 ounces of water like I was supposed to but I was hungry not long afterwards. I was pretty disappointed to say the least! This one bar cost me almost $2.00 which is pretty crazy. I could probably get the same results by drinking water and eating a fiber bar that comes in a box of 6 for $3.00.......lesson learned! 

(I know that there are more brands out there that make a full bar so if anyone has found one that actually works please let me know!)

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