Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Unbelievably Unmotivated

 Today I am posting a weight update, unfortunately its not a good one.

Back in May I posted a Ready To Get Re-Motivated blog because I really wanted/needed to get back to the healthy, fit person I loved being. I did get back in the groove for about a week then my good friend Mr. Stress decided to drop by and he hasn't left.

When I get super stressed, like I am now, its like my whole body shuts down. My head is yelling at me "get up lazy butt, go for a run..." "don't be a quitter..." "your gaining back the weight you busted your butt to lose..." but my body goes "I'm perfectly comfortable sitting in this chair, thanks though!" The fight between my head and body ultimately leads to me becoming a bit depressed and then I totally shut down. Everything feels like such a chore so I end up spending most of my day sitting in my chair watching TV, eating food that I grabbed from the cabinet or food that I just popped in the microwave.

Super long story short I am still 175 pounds which isn't too terrible but its not where I want to be at all. I am desperately struggling to get out of this funk but I will get out of it, I have so much coming up that I want to look and feel my best for. So bare with me! As soon as I do manage to get back to my healthy, fit self you will start seeing healthy recipes and exercise posts here on my blog once again. Thanks for sticking around!

If you have any advice that will help get me out of this lazy, unmotivated, fatigued place I am in I am all ears, just leave your comments below!

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