Saturday, July 12, 2014

Night In New York

My very best friends birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to do something really special for her. She always talks about how much she loves New York City so I thought that a New York themed dinner  would be perfect!

 I decorated the table with a black table cloth, taxi inspired plates, the silhouette of New York's skyline and some decorative apples.

To get the taxi look I painted a plain white square plate checkered and placed the yellow round plate on top of that. I thought it looked pretty cool but then again I'm biased.

I cut the skyline silhouette out of black poster board. I looked up Silhouette Of New York's Skyline on Google then drew one of pictures I had found on the poster board. I used the twinkle lights I had from my New Years Camp In to try and bring the city to life. 

I cut a few stars out of the scrap pieces of poster board, painted them yellow then covered one side of them with gold glitter glue. I cut a tiny hole in the top of each star then slipped a piece of fishing line through the hole and hung it from the light over the table. 

I was going for a Broadway Show Marquee look when I made the birthday sign. I used a black poster board and a white poster board and again I cut out stars using scape pieces of poster board but this time I colored them gray and covered the big ones in silver glitter glue. I also lined her name in the silver glitter glue.

 Going right along with Broadway sign I had the Showtunes channel playing on our TV, it was awesome!

For dinner I made a couple pizzas. I used my sons New York taxi as decoration and I had a slideshow of pictures from New York playing on my iPad. 

For dessert I served mini New York Style cheesecakes which I found in the frozen section of my local grocery store.

I used one of these as her birthday cake.

To finish off the night I made us simple Cosmopolitans using citrus flavored vodka and cranberry juice.

You are such an amazing, caring, sweet, fun, outgoing, loving, wonderful person and the things you do and have done for me and my family are beyond amazing. We are so blessed and grateful to be able to call you a friend.
We love you!

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