Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cheese Burger Burrito

Two of my husbands favorite foods are burritos and burgers so one night I decided to combine the two of them.

Whole Grain Mission Wrap Tortillas
Diced Dill Pickle
Shredded Cheese Blend
Ground Turkey
1/4 of an Onion Diced

The first thing I did was saute the onions using a bit of olive oil, I looked them until they were clear.

I then added the ground turkey to the pan with the onions. I seasoned the meat with my husbands McCormick's Steak Seasoning and cooked it until it was totally cooked through.

I grabbed one of the wrap tortillas and sprinkled some of the shredded cheese in the middle of it. I topped that with a bit of the diced pickles.

Over that I squirted a bit of the ketchup and mustard.

Then I added the turkey onion mixture and topped everything off with a bit more shredded cheese.

I then folded the burger burrito (side, side, roll) and placed it, seam side down, on my grilling pan. I let it sit until the seam was sealed and the tortilla had some nice brown grill marks on it, then I flipped it to grill the other side. 

These were seriously so delicious, my husbands first response was "put this on your must make again list" which is always a good sign. 

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