Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fun Tanning Table

It has gotten pretty dang hot here so I thought that it was time to search the back of my closet for all my capris and dresses, but then I remember that my legs are Casper white from being hidden in jeans and sweats for so long. I have a bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer to help me out but I thought I would also try to get a little color on my legs the natural the sun. I'm not a big tanner, I am actually more like a vampire and pretty much hide from the sun, but since I am thinner this summer and feeling a bit more confident I am ready to wear my shorts and tanks again and I would like my exposed skin to be somewhat tan. So every morning I have been going outside and soaking up the rays for about 20 minutes, 10 minutes on each side. But I've discovered something about myself, I get so bored and impatient while tanning! I end up bringing out a stack of magazines and my iPad (which I cant even see in the sun) to try and keep myself entertained. Plus I have my phone and my mini speaker and my tanning sunscreen and sunglasses and head phones....I end up with half the house outside with me. So I came up with a fun, cooky DIY tanning table to keep all my stuff nice and neat.

  The supplies I used were an old box (this is the only box we had but it worked cause its sturdy)...

...a box cutter, stapler, glue, one piece of a child proof cabinet lock, one piece of a plastic shoe hanger and some paint.
 It is a modge podge of supplies that's for sure.

The first thing I did was cut the flaps off of the box. I then placed a plastic cup on the bottom of the box and traced around the top of the cup, I then cut a smaller circle inside of my line. I also cut a square in the side of the box the size of my iPad.

I painted the whole box blue to try and cover up the fact that its a beer box.

While the paint was drying I cut one of the large flaps into a square. I then cut two of the smaller flaps the same height as the square.

I then folded in each side of the two smaller flaps.

And I glued them to the larger flap that I had made into a square. I then took another piece of a different flap and glued it to the bottom of these pieces making a half box.

I also folded up some of the card board to make a little iPod stand.

I then painted all these pieces blue and let everything dry over night.

Using more glue and lots of staples I attached the shoe holder, the child proof cabinet lock and the half box to the tanning box. I also stuck a plastic cup into the hole that I cut in the bottom of the box. I attached the folded up piece of cardboard iPod holder to the top of the box.

My lovely tanning table!

 I put my tanning sunscreen into the shoe holder...

 ...I hung my earphones and my sunglasses from the child cabinet lock...

...placed another plastic cup full of ice water into the other plastic cup that occupies the hole that I cut, and I put my magazines in the half box. 

I put my iPod on its awesome little holder then attached it to my mini speaker which sits comfortably on top of the box along with my cell phone.

My iPad sits happily inside of the box which makes it so much easier to see.

Its kind of a goofy thing but it is super functional and I absolutely love it! My goal is to make it out of wood here in the near future so stay tuned!

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