Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tips To Start Running Today

I wrote in my "If I Can Do It YOU Can Too" post that I was never a runner, I was the person that would try so hard to run but would always end up walking most of the way and feeling super sick once I was done. But now after following the tips that my brother (a great runner) gave me and learning more about my body and my stamina running/jogging is one of my favorite things to do. If you are not a runner it can be very stressful and hard getting started, I know this from experience, so I wanted to share the tips that helped me.
First things first...

Side Toe Touches: loosens your back and stretches your hamstrings (5 times each side)

Squat: stretches your lower back, Achilles tendons, ankles and hips (hold for 30 seconds)

Toes On Wall: stretches calves (hold for 20 seconds each leg)

Toe Touches: stretches your hamstrings (hold 20-30 seconds)

Side Lunge: opens your hips (hold for 30 seconds on each side)

After you are lose and your muscles and joints are ready to go follow these tips to start running:
  • Do not run in new shoes...wearing new shoes that are not broken in will end up hurting you more then helping.
  • Run on a track or a dirt path...there is more cushion on these and it will be easier on your knees.
  • Start out slow....its not a race so keep a slow pace.
  • No heavy should run heal to toe not flat footed.
  • Keep your breathing deep breaths no shallow breaths. 
  • You will find your stride...and once you find it you will feel like you could run forever.
  • Music helps a lot...listening to your favorite upbeat playlist can keep you entertained, keep you motivated and may make your run feel easier. 
  • Remember there is always will not be able to run a marathon on your first day so don't feel like you have failed if you don't make it that far. You will get better and it will become easier!  

The Twelve Week Plan I Followed

I never ever thought that I would call myself a runner but now it is my go to activity. Not just because of the health benefits but for stress relief also. There is just something so calming about being outside in the fresh air, all my problems seem to disappear with every stride I take.

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