Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quick Earring Tip

I have super sensitive ears so when I try to wear earrings that aren't fancy smancy expensive my lobes rebel....its not pretty and it doesn't feel that great either. I could never deal with the pain, itchiness and crud so I never left the earrings in long enough for my ears to get used to them so I stopped wearing earrings. But a few months ago I realized just how much I missed those small, sparkly studs making my ears look pretty so I ventured into my jewelry box determined to stick it out this time...I also had a few trick up my sleeve.

 Meet my new friends Mr. Peroxide and Mrs. Cocoa Butter Jelly!
Before I put my earrings back into my ears I let them sit in the peroxide for a little bit. I also wiped down my lobes with a q-tip dipped in peroxide to give them a nice cleaning. I took my earrings out after a couple minutes in the peroxide and dipped the post of each earring into the jelly then put the earrings on. 

Just doing these two little extra steps changed everything. I didn't have a problem with my ears freaking out at all this time and my ears have been very happily sparkly ever since. I was amazed and so happy that I had to share.

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