Saturday, February 8, 2014

January Favorites

January was a pretty great month. I turned 30, my mom came out to Colorado to celebrate my birthday with me and she surprised me with plane tickets to Oregon to visit my family. Some of my favorite things from January were...

Random: I still cant believe that my parents surprised me with Plane Tickets To Oregon for my birthday! I have been missing my family so much and have been trying to figure out a way to get out there so this was amazing!

TV/Movie: Jack The Giant Slayer has been on our movie channels almost every night and my husband and I have watched it almost every night.

Style: I bought these Polo Sneakers from Ross Dress For Less awhile back and I find myself wearing them more and more now. They are so light and comfortable and I love the black and hot pink.

Food: I love black licorice and lately I have been munching on Good & Plenty's like they are going out of style. Obsessed and totally addicted!

Music: I have been hearing this song, Lorde - Royals, everywhere! It is so catchy and I find myself singing it randomly throughout the day.

January Disappointment: I was so excited to do some thrift shopping with one of my best friends while I was in Oregon but I was so not impressed by any of the thrift stores that we visited. Some of them had not enough merchandise and some had way to much. Plus almost everything was way over priced. I am very thankful for the thrift stores we have here in Colorado that's for sure!

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