Saturday, February 15, 2014

For My Very Special Valentines

Yesterday was Valentines Day and like always I tried to make my son and husband feel extra special. I had been plotting and planning for about a month and both surprises, one for my son and one for my hubby, turned out really well. Our Valentines Day was a lot of fun and was really tasty too!

For my son's surprise I made up a Valentines Day treasure hunt...
My Supplies:
Note Cards

Valentines Day Balloon
Chocolate Kisses
Toy Car
Maze Game
Mini Lego
Leap Pad Game

My husband took my son to the park so when they came home my son found this on our front door.
Clue: "Valentines Day is a day of love, now go to the place of the bubbling tub."

His treasure and his next clue were hanging over our hot tub. 
Clue: "We love your hugs and your kisses, now go to the thing that cleans our dishes."

His treasure and his next clue were hanging on the dish washer. 
Clue: "You wheelie are our favorite little boy, now go to the thing that holds your toys."

His treasure and his next clue were in his toy box.
Clue: "You are a-MAZE-ing that's for sure, now go to the thing that's covered in fur."

His treasure and his next clue were sitting on our dogs bed.
Clue: "We will never Lego of you...we'll never let you down, now go to the place where you climb high off the ground."

His treasure and his next clue were laying on the top bunk of his bunk bed.
Clue: "You are one Kool kid indeed, now go to the place where we read."

His treasure and his next clue were sitting in the chair in his room.
Clue: "Your #1 in or book and in our hearts, now go to the room that hangs Great Grandma's art."

His final treasure was sitting on our bed in our room.
"Your final prize: a new game to play! We love you Little Man, Happy Valentines Day!"

Our son had a blast with this treasure hunt and loved everything he got, the smile on his face made my heart melt. I will definitely be doing this again!

For my husbands surprise I made him a copy cat dish and dessert from TGI Fridays...
For dinner I made his favorite Sizzling Chicken and Cheese. 
I used this recipe from Recipe Secrets for the chicken, peppers and cheese and this recipe from What's For Dinner? for the super yummy mashed potatoes. 
Dinner was tasty...

...but dessert was amazing! 
I made a Brownie Obsession and it was melt in your mouth delicious!
I made the brownies from a box mix but I didn't let them cool like the directions on the box say to do. Right after taking the brownies out of the oven I cut out a couple slices and put them on our plates. I topped each of them with some hot chocolate fudge, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce and a bit of chopped pecans.

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day filled with love, happiness and surprises... 
Happy Valentines Day!

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