Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Healthier Crock Pot Potato Soup

Whenever it gets cold outside I start craving a nice hot bowl of soup, one of my favorites is potato soup. It has always been one of the easiest to make but it can also be pretty unhealthy with all the milk, cream and butter. Since I don't want to mess up my families better eating habits that we have all finally started, I had to find a different healthier potato soup recipe to make for us. So I spent the afternoon on my iPad searching for healthy potato soup ideas. Using a bit of this and that from the different recipes that I found I came up with a healthier potato soup recipe that was perfect for my family.

4 medium Potatoes sliced
5 strips Turkey Bacon chopped
2 stalks Green Onion diced
1/2 tablespoon Minced Garlic
1 1/2 cans Fat Free Vegetable Broth
1 can Fat Free Evaporated Milk
Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese

I poured the vegetable broth and the evaporated milk into my crock pot. I then added the potatoes, bacon, almost all the green onions (I left some for the toppings), garlic and some pepper. I mixed everything together and I let it cook for 6 hours.

 After the soup was done cooking I scooped out most of the liquid from the crock pot, 2 cups to be exact, and put it in a pot which I brought to a boil on my stove top. I did this so I could thicken it up using cornstarch.

I mixed two tablespoons of cornstarch into two tablespoons of cold water then poured it into the boiling pot of potato soup liquid. 
I stirred the boiling liquid until it thickened up a bit.
I then poured the thicker liquid back into the crock pot which was still full of all my potato soup goodness, I then stirred everything together really well.
This recipe made just enough to fill up 3 bowls which was perfect for us. After pouring the soup into our bowls I topped them off with the shredded cheese, left over green onion and a bit of pepper.

 My modge podge potato soup recipe turned out really well. It was very tasty and definitely hit the spot, its what we needed to warm us up on this cold cold day.

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