Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hangover Help

Happy New Year!  
Last night my family and I had an at home indoor camping themed new years (post coming soon) which was great! What did you do last night? Did you party it up? How are you feeling today? If your answer to that last question was "like poo" then I am here to help with some hangover tips!  

(If you are too hungover to read right now scroll through this post and look for the underlined green words, these are what will help your hangover!)

1. Food
Now if I have a hangover, which doesn't happen often since I don't really drink and when I do I don't drink much, the last thing I want to do is eat but I know that I need to and I know it will help me in the end.

Do Not...
 Eat Greasy Food!
 Greasy food will give you heart burn which of course will make you feel even worse. Try to eat easy to digest foods like toast.

 Do Try...
Toast with honey, a glass of apple juice and a spinach, tomato is why: 
 (If I have a hangover this is what I eat)
Honey has fructose in it which will help your body burn off the alcohol quicker, give you energy and boost your liver function.
Toast is an easy to digest food and it will also raise your blood sugar without upsetting your stomach.
Apple Juice has fructose in it which will give you some instant energy, help burn off the alcohol and boost your liver function.
Eggs are full of amino acids that will help boost your liver function.
Spinach is full of potassium which will need to be replaced after a night of drinking.
Tomatoes have an antioxidant in them which will help reduce inflammation and they contain fructose which will help burn off the alcohol, give you energy and help boost your liver function.

2. Drinks
 After a night of drinking the first thing you need to do is hydrate yourself.

Do Not...
 Drink Coffee!
I know that in the movies you often see someone sipping on some coffee after a night of drinking but in reality the caffeine from the coffee will narrow your blood vessels and will boost your blood pressure which will make your hangover worse.
But if you are a regular coffee drinker you may want to drink a tiny bit of coffee since your body is used to getting that caffeine in the morning. If you skip it completely you may have a caffeine withdrawal on top of having a hang over.

Do Not...
 Try Hair Of The Dog.
Drinking again will take the hangover edge off a bit but it will just dehydrate you more and make your hangover even worse.

 Do Try...
Juice: again they contain fructose which will help burn off the alcohol, give you energy and help boost your liver function.
Water: is the best hydrant out there which you will need after a night of drinking alcohol which is a dehydrate.
Coconut Water: has 5 of the electrolytes that you will need to restore.
Sports Drinks: these are also a good source of electrolytes.
   Peppermint Ginger Tea: Peppermint and ginger can help reduce nausea and motion sickness.
Pickle Juice (weird right?!): it contains vinegar, salt and water which can help replenish your electrolytes and your sodium levels and they can help rehydrate you.

3. Medicines

Do Not...
 use hangover pills.
Even though these claim to cure your hangover there is really no evidence that they have any effect on your hangover so there is no need to put them into your body. My husband and I have tried one of these ourselves and it did absolutely nothing for us.
 Do Try...  
Alka-Seltzer: the baking soda in it will help settle your nausea by reducing your stomach acid. Alka-Seltzer has been used to help a hangover for about as long as it has been around...82 years!
Multi Vitamin:  these will help restore the nutrients that your body lost.

4. Activities

Do Not...
Try To Sweat It Out.
 Exercising or sitting in a hot sauna will only dehydrate you more. Sitting in a sauna after a night of drinking could actually be deadly because of the drop in blood pressure. 

Do Try...
Sleep! I'm sure you didn't get much sleep last night thanks to all the alcohol you drank and lack of sleep will definitely make your hangover feel worse so get some sleep. Plus your body will heal its self faster if you "sleep it off."

Random Tip:
If you know you are going to get sick eat some Vanilla Ice Cream. It wont stop you from getting sick but it will stop the burning that comes with vomiting. 

There is nothing that will totally cure a hangover but all these things should help you feel better.  
Welcome to 2014! 

*As you can tell this post has nothing to do with Weight Loss and its my Wednesday post, well this is because I am changing up Weight Loss Wednesday's for the new year! So instead of Weight Loss Wednesday's it is now Wellness Wednesday's! I will still be posting about weight loss but I will now also be posting about health, physical wellness and emotional wellness! Very exciting right?!

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