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Healthy Hair Tips

One of my best friends just happens to be an amazing hair stylist so I asked her if she could answer some questions I had on how to keep my hair healthy, what I could do to make it healthier and what products I should be using on my hair. 

1. What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner (Salon Brand)?
I have a few favorites for my own hair:  
S Factor True Lasting Colour - It has Almond Oil to soften the hair fiber and retain the colour.
Joico K Pac Color Therapy - It restores elasticity and shine for higher levels of damaged hair fiber.

There are other brands I love as well:  
Matrix, Redken, Catwalk, Paul Mitchell...there are many to choose from.

2. What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner (Store Brand)?
There is not a single store brand shampoo or conditioner I have used. 
I do not recommend grocery store products because they don't have the high quality of nutrients like salon brands do. 

You may see some salon brands in the hair isle, but I caution you, these are only guaranteed by a professional stylist and they may not be the same product as the ones sold in salons. Most of the time it is a knock off and your better off stopping by the salon of your choice to buy your products to make sure you get the best quality for what your needs are.

3. What is your favorite at home hair treatment?
Most of the at home treatments only coat the outside of the hair fiber for a very short period of time. They do not have the ability to penetrate the hair cuticle. 

If you are in a pickle (which wont help your hair either haha) and you need something to help your hair for the moment, coconut oil is light and will add shine. 

Also using cold water to rinse out your conditioner will close your hair cuticle a make your hair smooth and shiny.

Of course I do recommend you see a professional for a product that will have better performance on a daily/weekly basis to help what your hair may be lacking.

4. How often should you get your hair trimmed?
The general growth of hair is about 1/2 inch per month. 

If you want to maintain the same length and style you should get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. 

If your growing your locks you should get your hair trimmed about every 8 weeks. 

Just make sure you're using great products to prevent damage and breakage during the time between your services.

5. What is the best way for someone with naturally curly hair to get their curls to look their best?
My favorite product for curls is Curls Rock Amplifier by Catwalk. It has some tack for control but it leaves touchable curls like a cream. We all know that curls can grow bigger and more frizzy as the day goes on, and this helps prevent that lion mane from happening.

I also love a great diffuser. Most just pop on the end of your dryer and will dry curls without frizz. The more you move your hair while drying the more volume you will have. The less you touch your hair while drying the more controlled curls you'll have.

A couple other products I like for curly hair are Total Results Curl Cream and Curl Gel. The cream is lighter and intended for more fine hair. The gel looks and feels like a gel yet you wont get the stickiness and it wont flake in your hair like other gels can. The gel is more for coarse hair or very curly hair.

6. Whats the key to healthy hair?
There are many things you can do to keep your locks beautiful. First things first you need to see a stylist to figure out your hair type, texture, etc. so you can figure out what will work best for you and your hair.

Make sure to have tools that are up to par. If your blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron are looking a little ruff then replace them. The heating elements in them wear down which will also wear down your hair.

7. Any tips for people with dry and flaking scalps?
Winter time can be the worst on skin and scalps. With the lack of humidity your skin will become extremely dry, which means you need to take a little extra care in the cold months. Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner by Paul Mitchell is a great product for scalp issues. 

Be sure to get a consultation by your stylist before starting a anti-dandruff regimen to make sure that there is not anything else going on. Dandruff could be the reason but Psoriasis could be a culprit as well so double check before you purchase something that may not be needed, no one likes to waist money on something that wont help them in the end so know for sure. 

8. Any tips to grow long healthy hair?
The less you do the better! If you use less heat, have less chemical services and keep up on your trims you should be able to grow long healthy hair. 

There are some supplements for hair, skin and nails that you can take to help as well.

Also make sure your diet is up to par.

9. How often should you deep condition?
Truly depends on the damage level you have. I deep condition twice a week because I am a Platinum Blonde. If you have very little damage or no chemical services done I would say you should deep condition maybe once every two weeks. 

There are also so many deep conditions to choose from. Some have more protein and some are more moisture based.  
My top three favorites:

If you receive a salon deep condition, make sure to take home products that are recommended to maintain the benefits of the deep condition between your salon visits.

Some manufactures provide information of what your hair needs on their websites like Matrix, and there are a TON of professional items/brands to pick from. 

It can be overwhelming picking out a product to use so do some research to find what will work best for you. 

10. What is the best brush/comb to use on wet hair?
A wide toothed comb is the best to comb through wet hair.

 Anything extra to add?
Have you ever tried to replicate the amazing way your stylist styled your hair but find yourself disappointed when you just cant make it look the same? This is because you most likely are not using the same products we use in the salon. So if you want to get the look you loved you will need to use the same products your stylist used on your hair.

If you have any hair needs and live in or around the Northglenn Colorado area please come in and see us at Twisted Scissors, we would be more then happy to help you with all your needs. We are a Rock Star Salon on a groupie budget!


 I didn't get my hair cut for forever after moving to Colorado because I was very nervous to have someone new cut my hair since I had had such bad experiences with stylists in the past but in all seriousness I love Twisted Scissors. As you could imagine my hair wasn't in the best shape from not having any services done on it in forever but now, thanks to Erin, my hair is the healthiest I think it has ever been and I now get my hair cut, colored and styled at the salon. I know how hard and how nerve racking it can be to find a good hair stylist and that is why I am sharing this information, I am never disappointed with my service at the salon and I trust them with my hair 100%. Everyone's hair is different so the key to getting your hair the healthiest it can be is knowing exactly what will work best for your hair. If you have any questions for Erin about your hair feel free to email me at or stop in and see her at her salon! 

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