Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back On 2013

I seriously can not believe that another year has flown by. My mom always used to tell me "wait till your older, time will go by so fast" but of course I didn't believe her since I was a kid and time seemed to just creep by...now I get it! It seems like every time I blink another month has come and gone.

2013 was a tough year for me. I almost lost my mind between learning that my Grandpa's cancer treatment was no longer working and that there is nothing else he can do but live his life, finding out my dad will have to have open heart surgery and my husbands semi truck getting hit by another truck which gave him a severe concussion and a neck strain causing him to be out of work for 3 months now...all these were pretty hard for me to handle.

But not everything in 2013 was a negative, we did have a lot of awesome times too! I think this year was the year that I spent the most time with my family in the last 5 years, I explored more of Colorado then I have ever before and my husband and I finally made our relationship totally official!   

Here's a look back on our 2013...

 My son and I went to our first Monster Truck Rally in January and had a blast. My son even took home a checkered flag signed by all the drivers.
Our friend bought us a little pet rat which we named Buddy. Unfortunately he was a feeder rat and only lasted two days...sad!
In March my son and I made our first trip of the year out to Oregon to visit my family.
Spring in Colorado was super snowy which was awesome.
At the end of April we took a family trip to The Middle Of No Where Wyoming to visit my husband's grandmother.
In May my husband adopted a cute little lap dog for me for Mothers Day. He is now my baby and my shadow and he has helped me get through some hard times, the love from a dog has amazing healing powers.
In 2013 we went to the Denver Zoo....a lot. Its our home away from home for sure.
In July we took my mom to the Colorado Renaissance Festival when she came out to visit us. It is one of our favorite things to do.
Towards the end of July my husband and I went to his 20 year high school reunion! How time flies.
We started out August the right way by going with a group of friends to the Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Uncle Kracker concert and were given front row seats. It freaking rocked!
 The only bad part was it poured and we got soaked. It didn't stop us from having a blast though, I mean I did grow up in Oregon so rain doesn't even faze me!  
August was the month that I finally reached my first weight loss goal. I weighed 155 pounds which made my total weight loss 53 pounds.
Also In August my dad came out to visit us. He doesn't get many vacation days so it was pretty awesome having him here.
Not long after my dad left my son and I took a nice long road trip from Colorado to Oregon. 1,288 miles in a car with a toddler and a dog...not as bad as I thought it was going to be.
I had the very best visit with my family in Oregon. I spent almost all my days and many of my nights at my grandparents house talking and playing games just like I used to when I was younger.
 In September Colorado was almost washed away! My son and I were in sunny, hot Oregon when all the flooding was happening in Colorado which I thought was ironic.
While in Oregon I went to my very first Oregon State game with my brother.
Also my brother and I went on a 14 mile bike ride. I was so proud of myself and it is something I will always remember. Next step Tour De France!
Towards the end of my trip my best friend and I explored Oregon's Oktoberfest...we had a blast and drank a good amount of seasonal beer. 
On the last day of my visit I went to a Western Oregon football game with my dad which brought back a lot of memories.
 A couple days after we got back from Oregon I was woken up by a phone call at 5:00 in the morning which is never good. My husbands semi truck was hit by another truck and him and his partner were being taken to the hospital. Oh the life of a truck driver.
October was the month that I started my Thrifted Twin Threads. I love doing them and they are now one of the blog posts that I look forward to the most.
Also in October I won tickets to the 30 Seconds To Mars concert from Twist & Shout which I was so stoked about. They have been one of my favorite bands for 9 years now but I hadn't seen them live until this concert.
October 19th would of been my Grandmama's 92nd birthday and to honor her on her day I made some French crepes and had a glass of Champagne.
After knowing each other for 7 years, being together for 5 and being common law married for 4 my husband and I made it totally official on October 28th which was the anniversary of our very first date 5 years ago!
  For Halloween my son decided to be Michaelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I decided to get in on the fun. This was my attempt at being Donatello in regular clothes.
December 22nd was our Fantasy Football championship and after winning 6 games in a row then losing 4 games in a row I some how managed to win the whole thing which I have never done before. I have been playing Fantasy Football for 5 years now so I was pretty excited that it was finally my year.
For Christmas my brother-in-law gave my son his first dirt bike...we are in trouble! 
On December 25th myself, my husband, our son and our 4 dogs had a relaxing Merry Christmas at home! 
And last but not least we are having a fun little camp-in at our house with our nephew for New Years. Its going to be such a great way to start 2014!  

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