Saturday, January 11, 2014

Draw My Life

A long while ago I watched a few "Draw My Life" videos from my favorite YouTubers. It was pretty cool seeing what other peoples lives are like and what others have gone through all over the world. Since my 30th birthday is only two days away I thought it would be fun to do a Draw My Life post so I could share my 30 years of life with you in a fun way.

  • I was born on January 13, 1984 in rainy, beautiful, green Oregon. 
  • My family: dad, mom, me and my little brother.
  • I was so super shy and quiet when I was little. I would hide behind my dads legs whenever someone tried to talk to me.
  • Being as shy and quiet as I was I was not social AT ALL so all through elementary and middle school I only had a few friends.
  • I spent most of my time hanging out with my friends, swinging on the bars, roller skating, take pictures, writing silly stories, listening to music and making up secret clubs.
  • But in High School everything changed. My friends made new friends and most joined sports teams or school clubs but my insecurities and shyness held me back and I started to suffer with depression. Going to school was torture and I dreaded every day. I had Tums for breakfast almost every morning.
  • The only place I felt happy and comfortable was in my room doing the things I loved: listening to music, watching movies, drawing and writing short stories and poems. 
  • But at the end of my freshmen year I met a girl and her and I became best friends, we were inseparable! She introduced me to her group of friends and I finally felt like I belonged.
  • My junior and senior year was when I got my first real boyfriend, my first car and I got my first and second job. My first job was a temporary position pushing papers at my dads office and when that job ended I started serving food at one of the local colleges. Oh and this was when I first dyed my hair dark!
  • In 2002 I graduated high school.
  • But I had no idea what I wanted to do next.
  • So while I tried to figure that out I spent all of my time either with my boyfriend or at work.
  • But in 2003 my boyfriend and I had broken up and I had quit my job serving food and I could not find anything else to do. And because I had spent almost all of my free time with my boyfriend I really had no friends.
  • I needed to get away from the stress in Oregon so I decided to visit an old friend in California. He was a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. While I was there he introduced me to his group of friends. We all had a fun time together and I kept in touch with a few of them after I got back to Oregon.
  • Right after my 20th birthday I moved in with some family in northern California. I figured there would be more opportunities for me down there and I wanted to be closer to my friends in southern California. Every weekend I would drive down to Camp Pendleton to hang out with my friends.
  •  I had become close to one of my Marine guy friends and one day we decided to get married. In true Military fashion we ran out to the closest court house and said "I do" as fast as we could.
  • Our honeymoon didn't last long because a month after we were married he was deployed to Iraq with no return was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through.
  • While my husband was gone I moved back to Oregon to be with my family. Soon after I moved to Oregon I ventured south to Texas where I lived with another Marines wife. A couple months after moving to Texas her and I moved back to southern California to wait for our husbands to return from Iraq.
  •  In January 2005 my husband finally returned home from his deployment.
  • Life was fun and amazing for about a year but then most of our friends started moving back to their home states because their time in the Marines was over. This was pretty hard on my husband an he seemed to get pretty depressed which was hard on our marriage, he didn't want to do anything anymore.
  • The day after Valentines day in 2006 he left again for a 6 month deployment, saying goodbye this time was just as hard as it was the first time.
  •  Since my husband's 4 years in the Marines were going to be up after he returned home from his deployment I moved out to Colorado, where my husband was from, to get a job and settle down since Colorado was where we were planning on spending the rest of our lives.
  • One of my husbands old Colorado friends introduced me to one of his girlfriends and her and I were inseparable from the start. She introduced me to a whole bunch of amazing people. All of us would spend almost every weekend together watching our friends cover bands play. There is nothing like live music...I love it!
  • In August 2005 my husband returned from his deployment and joined me in Colorado. We moved into our own apartment, I got him a job and he went back to school.
  •  But all the time that my husband and I had spent apart had taken a huge toll on our relationship. We were now two totally different people who didn't have anything in common anymore and didn't want to do any of the same things. To this day I believe my husband was suffering with P.T.S.D. but he did not want to get help so I guess I will never know for sure. Towards the end of 2006 we got divorced. 
  • After my divorce I moved back to Oregon to be with my family. 2006 was a very hard year for everyone in my family! We had to deal with my divorce, a family member struggling with addiction and a close friends death. 
  • But something good did come out of 2006. I got a job as a teller at a bank and that is where I met my two very best friends and we are still as close as close can be today!
  •  I loved being around my family again and I adored my friends but I really missed Colorado so in October 2008 I moved back.
  • I got a job as a teller at a different back and I started hanging out with all my old friends. One of those friends was a guy named Jason. We started dating not long after I moved back, we had so much in common. We enjoyed watching anything that had to do with sports, going out to watch our friends band play and just lounging around his house watching movies.
  • It wasn't long until we were crazy in love and expecting our first child. We were also parents to 5 very crazy, cuddly boxers.
  •  In March 2010 we welcomed our beautiful son!
  • My husband and I have been common law married since 2009 but in 2013 we made it totally official. So now I am for reals married to my love who is fun, funny, a very hard worker and very loving....he still likes to take me out to watch live music! I am still a stay at home mommy to my very hyper, fun, mischievous, sweet little man. We now have 3 crazy, cuddly boxers and one tiny, rambunctious pug mix who is my baby! We love going on as many adventures as we can as a family. I have some very close amazing friends and I am obsessed with blogging! Needless to say I am very happy with the way my life turned out and I cant wait to see what this year has to offer!
  • I hope you enjoyed reading about my crazy spontaneous life! I am sure there will be a lot more craziness to come and I cant wait. Also thank you for visiting my blog! Feel free to stay awhile and check out what else I have to offer!

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