Thursday, January 16, 2014

Casa Bonita (C.I.C)

Ever seen the Casa Bonita South Park episode? (If not click here) I don't like South Park but I do like this episode because I love Casa Bonita! My family and I visit Casa Bonita quite a bit! Not because of the food...don't get me wrong its good, its just not your typical Mexican food...but because of the atmosphere! Its pretty much the only restaurant where our son actually stays in his chair at the table and eats his food because he is so mesmerized by everything that is going on around him!

 As you can tell from the outside of the building this isn't your ordinary restaurant!

 The inside is even crazier then the outside!

Like I said this isn't your average restaurant! After you walk inside you weave your way through chained paths until you come up to an employee standing at a computer. You order your food with them, they give you your ticket, then you weave your way through more chained path ways, passing by a window where you can see employees in the kitchen making sopapilla's. Finally you reach a counter. 

Above this counter are stacks of trays and silver wear for you to grab for yourself. You then side your tray down the counter top and show the first employee you come upon your ticket then they grab your food from a tiny window that leads into the kitchen and they put it on your tray.  
Caution: Don't try to take your plate and put it on your tray because the plates are freakishly hot and you will burn the crap out of your fingers!

You then slide further down the counter until you come upon the drink employee, tell them what drink you ordered and they will place it on your tray. You don't get any alcoholic drinks here, those are given to you by your waiter in the dinning area.

You then slide your tray down to the end of the counter where there is another employee there waiting to greet you and lead you into the dinning area....this is where the magic begins!

The dining area is so much fun! There are palm trees wrapped in lights everywhere. Right in the center of the room is a large water fall. There is seating everywhere you look in all different decorated rooms. There is a wishing well, a sopapilla bar, an old time photo booth, a path to walk behind the water fall and a set of stairs that lead down to the pool.

There are live shows every 15 minutes in the dinning area and most nights there is a mariachi band walking around playing music. If you are there celebrating a birthday they will be the ones singing happy birthday to you for everyone in the whole huge restaurant to hear!

The shows you will see are a dive show, another dive show, a gun fight, a dive show and a gorilla act.

While you enjoy all the shows you get to stuff your face with food!
This is what our table typically looks like! Our son gets the Pollo Plate and my husband and I get the All-You-Can-Eat Chicken Deluxe dinner, you read that right! After you finish your plate of one crispy taco, two enchiladas, Mexican rice, re-fried beans, guacamole and sour cream you can order a whole other plate if your still hungry! 
You also get chips and salsa to munch on and some yummy hot sopapilla's with honey for dessert! 
The food is not gourmet by any means but it is pretty good, especially the kids chicken strips! 
There Casarita's are really good !

After dinner its time to explore all the activities Casa Bonita has to offer! There is Black Bart's cave that you can walk through, there is a gift shop that you can brows, there is a character artiest for you to get a fun prorate drawn by, there is puppet shows and a pinata for the kiddos to hit to try and get some candy. There are also two places you can get an old time photo taken and two arcades to play in, one upstairs and one downstairs (make sure you get tokens from the first employee you come to at the computers where you order your food.)

Casa Bonita is just a great time and I totally recommend it! Its such a fun, great experience! 

Casa Bonita


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