Saturday, July 27, 2013

Simple DIY Dinner Menu

I love my DIY menu! I sit down every Saturday night and write out our dinners for the week then Sunday I go grocery shopping and get all the items that I need to make each meal. It has been saving us so much money because instead of over buying things I think we might eat (of course we don't eat half of it which is a huge waste of food and money) I only buy the things we need. Another awesome thing is I do all my "what should I make for dinner?" thinking in one night...the rest of the week is a breeze! And when I hear "what's for dinner?" all I have to do is point to the wall!

Here is how I made my super easy, super convenient dinner menu:

 All you need is markers, a piece of notebook paper and an 8x10 frame.

 Take the glass out of the frame and trace around it so you know how much to cut off of the notebook paper. Place the glass and paper back into the frame so you can see where to start your writing, remember that some of the paper is going to be hidden behind the frame.

 Using the markers I titled the paper MENU then wrote Monday through Sunday and finished it off with one of my favorite saying "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" I'm sure my family is sick of hearing it!

The last thing to do is put the paper into the frame. Then with a dry erase marker write down all your dinner ideas on the glass of the frame. At the end of the week just wipe it all away and start over!

 Another great idea is just leaving the paper blank...

...then you can write on it whatever you would like! 

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