Friday, July 26, 2013

Banjo Billy's Denver Bus Tour (C.I.C)

*So this post was supposed to be going up yesterday (July 25th) but yesterday was just BAD. Between car troubles, injuries and a little drama I quit half way through the day! But today is a new day and it will be a better day then yesterday....its my hubbies birthday! So here is my very first Curious In Colorado post! Enjoy!*

My mom came out to visit us about 2 weeks ago and we had a blast the whole time she was here, we were true Colorado tourists! One of the touristy things we did was go on the Banjo Billy's Bus Tour!

 Banjo Billy's has 3 different tours: Boulder, Denver and Denver Brewery's...we went on the Denver tour. 

We caught the bus next to the Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center. 

We bought our tickets the day before over the phone but you can also buy them online. There were a few people wanting to go on the tour that had not bought tickets in advance so after all the ticketed passengers were on the bus a head count was done and since there were only 21 of us, there are 25 people allowed on the bus, the non ticketed people were invited on the bus and paid the tour guide after the tour was over.

As you can tell by this awesomely amazing bus this is not your ordinary boringish tour!

The inside of the bus is just as amazing as the outside! There are no windows and as you can see the chairs on the bus are fun and comfortable....
....well most of the chairs are anyways!

The tour is an hour and a half long but the time flies by! As the bus driver drives you ALL around Denver your tour guide tells you about all the fun, spooky and mysterious history Denver has to hold. 

 Like how Denver's City and County Building took 26 years and 39 architects to become a reality. 

Or how the official elevation of Denver is marked on three of the capitol stairs. The first "One Mile Above Sea Level" mark is on the 15th step. The second, which was made in 1969, is on the 18th step and the third mark is on the 13th step which was made in 2003.

 And how Henry C. Brown built the Brown Palace in 1892 after he was turned away from the Windsor Hotel for being under dressed. 

You will also hear about how Denver's Botanical Garden's was built on Prospect Hill Cemetery, and how no night guards working there last more then 2 years due to all the ghosts that walk the grounds.....nude! 

Built on that same cemetery is Cheesman Park where there is believed to be 5,000-10,000 bodies still buried under the ground. 

 And last but certainly not least you will hear the story of The Unsinkable Molly Brown before and after her time on the Titanic.

This was just a few of the places we saw, the stories we heard and the history we learned. I would highly recommend Banjo Billy's Bus Tours! We had such a great time and we are definitely planning on going on the Boulder and Denver Brewery bus tours! 

 Banjo Billy's Bus Tours
Go check them out right now!

I hope you enjoyed this

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