Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magic Mesh Review

As soon as the sun comes up my son wants to be outside playing which is fine with me, its better them him sitting inside watching cartoons all day, but he goes out then comes in then goes back out then comes back in again. I got pretty tired of having to open and close the screen door all day, our screen is pretty warped thanks to a massive hail storm so its really hard to open and close which is why my son cant do it on his own, so I just started to leave the screen door open until our house was swarming with flies! Then I saw a commercial for the Magic Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door and I knew I had to give it a try! The next day I found it in the As Seen On TV section of our local grocery store.

The Good
It was super easy to hang up since you only use Velcro and thumb tacks which are included.

 The fact that our son and our dogs could walk in and out of the house all they wanted too with out having to open and close the door was great.

It was awesome that we could leave our sliding glass door open and our house wasn't filling up with flies.

The Bad
It was a little more pricy then I thought it would be ($14.99) considering it is only 2 pieces of mesh with some magnets attached to them.

Our dogs tore it up fast! One of our dogs loves to scratch at the door to let us know that they want in and her nails ripped huge holes in the mesh.

When the wind blew the magnets would tap on the glass door and the sound drove us all crazy, including the dogs who would bark at the noise!

The Verdict
I still like the Magic Mesh and we still use it....just not the way we are supposed to. I used the one panel of the Magic Mesh that wasn't as torn up and tacked the top of it to the top of our door frame inside the house, I then attached the side with the Velcro to the door frame. Now we only open the sliding door half way so the magnets attach to the metal part of the door when anyone walks in or out. 
It still works!

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