Friday, March 8, 2013

Alice In Wonderland Party

I had the pleasure of throwing my very best friend a baby shower a few months ago in my home town. She asked for an Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party so I watched the movies...old and new...and searched Pinterest and this is what I came up with:

 I ordered an Alice In Wonderland Coloring book from Barnes & Noble and this picture was in the back of the book so I made a bunch of copies, placed them into large zip lock bags (it was a cold rainy day so this kept them from getting wet) and hung them up along the drive way so her guests could follow the white rabbit to her Mad Hatter Tea Party.

 I cut arrows out of poster board I bought from The Dollar Tree and wrote Up, Wrong Way, Right Way, That Way, This Way For Real and Off With Your Head in all different types of writing. I wrapped them up in saran wrap to keep them from getting wet then I tacked them to a tree in the front yard.

 Since we couldnt have the tea party outside, again it was a rainy wet day, I had it my parents garage. I drew the door knob face on a yellow piece of construction paper then cut it out. I then cut a small round hole above the "mouth" where the door knob was going to go. I sliced a tiny slit from the left of the paper to the hole so I could place the face around the door knob. Then on the back of the paper I taped the slit together and taped the paper face to the door to keep it secure. 

I was intent on making this tea party look just like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, I wanted my friends guests to feel like they were transported into the tea party scene of the movie as soon as they walked in. 

 I found my old copy of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland in my parents attack and thought it would make a nice decoration, I placed it on a shelf along with my moms tea pot timer. Luckily I threw my friend this party in October so I was able to find the Mad Hatter's Hat from a Halloween Costume store, I hung it from the shelf's hooks. (You can order the same hat here )

I found the stuffed mouse at the second hand store and placed him in a giant tea pot that my mom already had....don't ask! 

My mom found the white rabbit at one of her second hand stores and we sat him in a small chair, along with an old clock, next to the garage door to greet all my friends guests.

 We served a pretty large verity of finger foods which included cookies that we served on a cookie stand my mom and I made, I got the idea from Pinterest. We used a large round plastic plate, a glass taper candle holder, a round nickel-plated tray, another glass taper candle holder, a mirror candle holder (all from The Dollar Tree) and some glue. In blue icing I wrote EAT ME on one of the cookies and placed it on the top of the stand. 

The one thing that really stood out to me in both movies was all the different colors and how miss matched everything was, it was a priority for me to accomplish this look. We placed the cold drinks in a giant bright yellow bucket and tied some of my hand made Drink Me tags to the necks of all the soda bottles. 

We also served coffee and tea, it was a tea party after all, in our miss matched thermos dispensers that we found at the second hand store. We tied some Drink Me tags to the handles of the thermos's as well. We served milk and creamer out of baby bottles and sugar out of a baby food jar, we sliced holes in the lid.

 We hung white table clothes from the ceiling along the garage walls to hide all the items that were in the garage, plus it made us feel like we were in our own little world. My mom found multi colored lanterns which we hung at all different heights from the ceiling. I had hunted for a stuffed Cheshire Cat but never found one so I bought an Alice In Wonderland coloring book from The Dollar Tree and colored its picture of the Cheshire Cat. I cut it out and taped it to the corner of one of the white table clothes that was hanging from the ceiling. 

We used 3 different sized tables and covered them in different colored tables clothes, these were from The Dollar Tree as well. We collected all the chairs from around my parents house and placed them around the tables, no one same chair was next to each other. Of course I placed the biggest most comfortable chair in the middle of the head table for the guest of honor.

On the tables we placed a square paper plate then placed a round colorful plate on top of it. I searched all my second hand stores to find all different kinds of tea cups for this party....big ones, small ones, plane ones, colorful ones...pretty much whatever I could get my hands on. Everyone at the party had their own unique tea cup to use just like in the movies. For the center pieces we found 3 totally different tea pots, from the second hand store of course, and placed fake white and red roses in them. We bought a couple packs of playing cards and placed the face cards, especially the Queen Of Hearts, in with the roses. Since this was a baby shower after all we bought blue flowers, baby boy candies, blue baby blocks, mini pacifiers and pins from The Dollar Tree and spread them out on all of the tables. 

All of the guests absolutely loved everything about our Mad Hatter Tea Party and my mom and I got complemented on it for days after the shower. 


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