Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Motivational Board

For today's Weight Loss Wednesday I wanted to share my motivational board with you. I put this board together and hung it on the wall above my make up mirror so I see it every day. It really has helped me stay motivated and I think it is a great idea for anyone who is really trying to lose weight.

 1. Rachel Bilson. I love her figure and the way she dresses, she is an inspiration to me. 

2. Two pictures of myself taken about a year ago when I weighed 208 pounds. I hate these pictures but seeing them really keeps me on the road I am on now because I NEVER want to look like that again. 

3. Yesterday You Said Tomorrow. I would always say "I'm going to start my diet tomorrow" but then the next day I would mess up and say it again.

4. How many pounds I have lost and how many pounds I have to go. I like to see how far I have come. 

5.Remember: Fat lasts longer then flavor! This something I think every time I am craving something so tasty but so bad for me. 

6. Princess Catherine. She is a huge inspiration to me. (There is another little picture with her on the right side of the board.)

7. Fighting Belly Fat. I love the way her tummy looks and my stomach is my problem area so I am fighting belly fat.

8. Me when I weighed 155 pounds. 155 pounds is my goal weight so its great motivation to see myself at that weight.  

9. Another picture of me at 155 pounds

10. Lose Weight You Can Do It! I don't think this one needs an explanation. 

11. Ashley Greene. She is another inspiration for me.
12. Turn I wish Into I will. I would always say I wish I was thinner, I wish I looked better, I wish I was healthier but saying I wish never got me any closer to what I wanted so I got motivated and now I am turning all my I wishes into I wills! 

13. The Only Way To Finish Is To Begin. Starting a healthy life style is hard and taking the that first step is the hardest but once you start to see and feel your body change its all worth it!

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