Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinosaur Party

My son was a lucky little man this year and had 2 small birthday parties, one here with my husbands family and one in my home town with my family. The party I threw here was dinosaur themed!

Of course the birthday boy wanted to go along with the dinosaur theme of his party so he wore this dinosaur shirt. We had Ice Age Dawn Of The Dinosaurs playing in the background for the kids, I'm pretty sure most of the adults were the ones watching it though!

I used my sons toy dinosaurs as decorations around the living room and kitchen. I also hung up a Happy Birthday banner (bottom left picture.)

I wrapped green streamer paper around our railing and stuck a lighter green bow to the post.

We used light green paper plates and dark green napkins. I served Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, chips with cream cheese salsa dip, pretzel sticks (Dinosaur bones!)

Bugles (Dinosaur claws), Egg Malt Balls (Dinosaur eggs), more Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and Dinosaur print peanut butter cookies.

I decorated the counter top with a blow up T Rex and camouflage plastic Easter eggs (Dinosaur eggs) that I found at The Dollar Tree.

To make the Dinosaur print peanut butter cookies I used a bag of Betty Crocker's Peanut Butter Cookie Mix and one of my sons toy Dinosaurs (I ended up using a different Dinosaur toy which made better prints.)

I prepared the cookie dough using the directions on the back of the bag. I used a small ice cream scoop to drop the dough onto my cookie sheet. I did not flatten the cookies at all, I just left them in the ball shape of the scoop (they will flatten while they cook.) When the cookies were done baking I took them out of the oven and pressed the toy Dinosaur's feet, one at a time, into each cookie right away. I then placed the cookies on my cookie rack to cool.

These cookies were a huge hit! They were too cute and too good!


  1. I love the cookies! Now all I need is help with an no egg cookie dough, any ideas?

  2. Here you go Erin!