Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Movie Night...Merry Madagascar

I wanted to start a new Christmas tradition with my son, something we can look forward to around this time a year for many years to come. What I came up with was Merry Movie Nights. Every Sunday morning, in December, before Christmas we will pick out a Christmas movie to watch together that night and I will come up with a themed dinner and a themed dessert for us to eat while we watch the movie. Sunday night was the first night of our new tradition and my son loved it! So without further is the first Merry Movie:

"On the first night of Christmas DreamWorks gave to me...
the Merry Madagascar movie."

Dinner: We had chicken nuggets for Alex (Alex eats steak and sushi but my son doesn't care much for either so chicken it was), fruit for Gloria and I made some penguins to represent Kowalski, Skipper, Rico and Private (click here to find out how to make the penguins)

And for dessert we had some animal cookies.

We hope to see you back for our next Merry Movie Night!

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