Sunday, December 30, 2012

BBQ Chicken Wrap (TGI Fridays Style)

My husband, father-in-law and myself used to hang out at our local TGI Fridays every Sunday to watch football and I would pretty much always order their BBQ Chicken Wrap. Then one Sunday everything changed! They had totally revamped their menu (again) and dropped a bunch of their items which included my beloved BBQ Chicken Wrap....dun dun dun. Missing and craving the wrap I decided to try and make it at home and I have to say what I made tastes pretty close to the real thing and is probably a lot healthier, I am a happy camper once again!

Ingredients: wheat tortillas, skinless boneless chicken breast (cut into small chunks and cooked), sliced pickles (I used dill but bread and butter would taste great too), original BBQ sauce, Ranch dressing (fat free or light would be healthier but all I had at the time was buttermilk), lettuce and french fried onions
 I didn't use any measurements, I just put in as much or as little of the ingredients as I wanted. 

Preparation: Spread some of the BBQ sauce on one of the tortillas. Add some lettuce then some of the chicken chunks followed by some of the sliced pickles. Top with the french fried onions and roll up the tortilla like you would a burrito. (I like to dip the wrap in the Ranch but you could put the Ranch inside the wrap instead, this would probably be a little less messy.) 

Yummy! Makes me hungry just looking at it.

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